ThIs building system is made of a base for the foundation, masonry walls for vertical enclosures which will work together with beams and load columns to support the slab as a horizontal enclosure. Everything is in reinforced concrete, following the calculations resulting from structural engineers.

Site preparation

When we start the building, we take about 1 meter of depth of organic material layer. Then we replace that excavated material, by special material for filling, and then be compacted. The land is fumigated to prevent the growth of organic material and the proliferation of insects. The ground is covered with plastic to insulate the concrete for better quality.

Foundation and Concrete

The foundation is made above ground level. A wooden mold is made throughout the perimeter of the house, the steel is assembled, and the pipes that will be embedded in the stalls are prepared and then concreted. In the plate vertical steel is left where there will be walls, to connect the walls to the platea.

Swimming pool
At the time of preparing the ground the excavation of the pool is carried out. A foundation is made at the bottom of the pool, and sticks are left to create the connection of the walls. The method we use to make the pool in with concrete block walls for added strength.
The walls are made of hydraulic cement blocks. We use the highest strength and quality blocks in the market. These blocks, as they are placed with mortar, are placed steel to increase the tensile strength. We always take care that they are placed leveled with respect to vertical and horizontal.
Ceiling finishes

The elements such as columns, beams, lintels and slab, carry a steel structure, which combines with concrete, to form Reinforced Concrete. The columns are armed with the plate, so that they are tied to it when the concreting is carried out. Then, after placing the blocks, the columns, beams, lintels and slab are shuttered with wood and the concrete is poured. The forms are the molds that contain the concrete in its curing.

Surface finishes

After finishing the work in terms of structural elements, and leaving the electrical and sanitary installations in place, the completion phase begins. We use a mortar based on fine sand, cement and water, creating a mixture with a lot of plasticity with which all surfaces begin to be covered, leaving them completely smooth applying various masonry techniques.

Floors and coatings

The installation of floors with Spanish porcelain begins, both for the interior flooring and for the wall coverings in the bathrooms. For the bathroom flooring, granite was chosen and for the terraces and decorative walls, natural coral. The pedestrian paths in the entrance and in the garden will be concrete hydraulic pieces, manufactured in special workshops. Concrete pavers were chosen for the canopy. 

Waterproofing and paint

The roof is primed with a rubberized, petroleum-based product to protect the surface from possible leaks. This product is heat resistant and its characteristic of being very high in solid particles, seals the surface evenly. To finish, we paint with white waterproofing paint. 

Aluminum windows

As we live in a tropical country, the main requirement for our windows is the presence of a protective mesh against insects, which is also opened if necessary. The windows are 3-way sliding, type P-92, the most used on the market, due to their durability and good operating mechanism. The sliding doors have thicker glass than the windows for more security. 

Wooden doors

Due to the fact that the area has high levels of humidity and highly variable temperatures, we have chosen a veneer system that is highly resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. The doors are finished with wood sheets, truly natural, but inside they are made up of a system against plating that prevents breaks and bends in them. 


The pool built with a block structure, which gives it greater resistance and durability. The white “poolcore” coating produces a light blue color in the water, giving the sensation of crystal clear water. The pool has lights and a high-end pump and filter system. On one side of the pool is the deck, an area to place beach chairs and share closer to the water. 

Modern kitchen

Our kitchen, with an avant-garde design, is manufactured under the style of “modular kitchen”. It has space for a two-door fridge, stove, oven and 90-centimeter extractor, as well as a dishwasher, delivered to the customer fully equipped. The back wall or “backplash” is covered with natural granite, as well as the top of it. It also has a double height “island / breakfast bar”, so that one side serves to sit down to eat and the other side as a work area. 


Our bathrooms have a modern design. Both with the porcelain tile for the wall and the natural granite for the floor. We take care to deliver it fully equipped, with sink and vanity, mirror, modern toilet, shower tray, glass shower partition, stainless steel floor drain grate and towel racks. 

House equipment

The house has a fully equipped kitchen, as well as air conditioners in all bedrooms and the living room. It also has a water storage cistern, which will guarantee that its inhabitants never lack the precious element. The water in the cistern is pumped into the bathrooms, kitchen and other areas, ensuring high pressure when used. 


With our landscape consultants, we develop an organic design of the gardens, giving the lawn a lot of plasticity and creating gardens, both in the front of the house and in the back. Bamboo, gray hair, palm trees are basic elements of our gardening, which represent our tropical climate and our beautiful coastal area.