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Why to buy a house in 2020 in Cabarete near the sea ?

Do you want to buy a house in the Dominican Republic and doubt whether to do it in Cabarete? It is a great choice for many reasons. More and more people from countries like Canada or the United States are deciding to retire in this country. Cabarete is a very special municipality that we want you to know.

Cabarete:  why buy a house here ? 

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is a tourist resort located in the north of the country. One of its main peculiarities is that the bay is protected by a coral reef. It is a small town of only 15,000 inhabitants and has an important atmosphere, thanks to the multitude of entertainment activities offered. 

It stands out for its calm beaches, an interesting wind and a beautiful environment, making it perfect for practicing different water sports. For example, surf, whether you’re a veteran or a beginner.

In Cabarete you will also find all the amenities you are looking for and you can ask from a paradise, such as bars and restaurants near the promenade. 

Ideal for relaxing, having a snack or a delicious meal. In this tourist area also stand out its mountains, lagoons and white sand beaches, ideal for hiking, sightseeing, swimming or sunbathing. Have a look here about Cabarete and other place where to go

So you have everything you can ask of a paradise. It is also on Camino Cinco, just 18 km from Puerto Plata airport, making it ideal in terms of mobility.

This is a unique and highly recommended place to live in retirement, since buying a property in Cabarete is relatively easy if you have an average purchasing level in northern countries such as the United States or Canada. Have a look here how much would cost a brand new 3 bedroom house with pool and tropical garden ?

The leisure and good atmosphere are more than assured by having a little of everything, with its great offer of restaurants, clubs, shops to buy gifts, clothes, etc. In short, a good place to travel and also to live.

Cabarete also stands out for numerous important competitions

Did you know that Cabarete Bay has held some professional kitesurfing competitions such as the “World Cup” and “Master of the Ocean”? 

Another of its curiosities is that just 3 miles west we find Encuentro Beach, one of the most popular surf beaches in the entire Caribbean. 

So it’s a perfect place if you’re passionate about surfing or water sports. A perfect destination to buy a house and take root. What do you think of Cabarete? Do you want to get to know it? You don’t want to move from there. 

If you need more information about this town in the Dominican Republic, or want to know more about buying a home in Cabarete, don’t hesitate to contact Perla Marina Homes.

2020 close to the beach in Cabarete house for sale

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