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Is it safe to buy a house in the Dominican Republic from the US?

The truth is that the Dominican Republic is a country in great demand when it comes to buying luxury homes and villas from countries such as the United States or Spain.

It is an ideal destination for retirement and many people decide to invest their life savings in a house, so as to enjoy a life of luxury. But is it safe?

Buying a house in the Dominican Republic from the United States: is it safe?

The fact that the Dominican Republic is one of America’s preferred countries for retirement is not by chance at all.

Many Dominicans have emigrated to the United States and are looking to buy goods in their home country, to invest and live well when they return. As well as Americans who know this country and love it, for the quality of life it offers at prices far more affordable than their own home country.

Of course, a home purchase is not something that is done every day and should not be done lightly. It is important to take the time and purchase it through a secure real estate agency.

Obviously, this type of scam is not new. They usually manifest themselves through advertisements where a property is shown too luxurious and pretty, but at a price far below market to take the bait.

Our advice is to investigate the construction company or the company behind it. Check the Corporate Registry and check permits and authorizations. If it is a purchase plan or a project, it is important to have a copy of the title in order to investigate that everything is in order.

To avoid any unpleasant situation, it is best to place trust in the hands of professionals, serious people who will look after your interests.

But who is it? From Perla Marina Homes we invite you to see our luxury villa in Cabarete, a privileged place within the Dominican Republic.

We give you facilities and maximum transparency so you can safely buy your home in the Dominican Republic.

We have several homes under construction ready to be purchased by you.

A totally secure purchase with a high quality project, total innovation, the best design and an experienced team. Request further information without obligation.

Costa cerca de Puerto Plata, en la República Dominicana

Why to buy a house in Dominican Republic ?

Would you like to enjoy your retirement in the Dominican Republic? It is no coincidence that more and more people choose this destination, because you can lead a life of authentic luxury at a very affordable price. Let’s see why you should buy a luxury home in the Dominican Republic:

Luxury villa in Dominican Republic: why this country ?

When it comes to choosing where to live or have a holiday home, the Dominican Republic is a sure choice. It is an affordable, fun place with good weather and activities to do 365 days a year.

One of the great reasons to acquire a luxury property in this country is for the cost of living. As you know, it is much lower than in other countries further north, so much more can be done with less.

In the Dominican Republic you can buy a luxury villa, both for living and as an investment, so it would cost you a normal house in other places like the United States or Canada.

So it offers a lot of possibilities for those who want to enjoy their retirement, a good holiday or decide to live there to work from home. When it comes to quality, it’s got everything.

The quality of life is excellent because you can immerse yourself in its beaches, practice aquatic activities, enjoy many services and leisure, etc.

It has a bit of everything and the atmosphere is very good, with people from all countries, to connect and make friends. What about security? Actually, the security is reasonably good.

In other words, the Dominican Republic is not much more dangerous than any European tourist area. Which is not a problem at all or high that I should throw you back, because the luxury villas of Perla Marina Homes have private security within the urbanization in which they are located. You’ll be completely protected.

For tourists and citizens to feel protected, there are tourist police (politur) and also, in certain areas, private security services can be contracted.

Therefore, you will always be in the best hands, whether you are in your home in the Dominican Republic or on the street.

Quality, price, safety… can you ask for anything else? It is no coincidence that it is one of the most chosen destinations for retirement or buying a house as a second home, because it has everything. A paradise to enjoy and have a great time.  

Dominican Republic house for sale 2021 close to beach

Casa de lujo en la playa en la República Dominicana

Luxury villa for sale in the Dominican Republic

Would you like to live in the Dominican Republic ?

In that case, we want to tell you where you can find luxury villas for sale in the Dominican Republic, a question that more and more people are asking themselves looking to enjoy their retirement in this wonderful country.

Luxury villas in the Dominican Republic 

If you are looking for luxury areas to live in the Dominican Republic in style and without missing anything, we want to tell you about some of those corners that make it possible.

One of them is the town of Sosúa. It is located on the North Coast of the country and has a lot of cultural diversity, since people from many countries reside: USA, Germany, France, Holland, Russia, Canada, etc. For this reason, it also stands out for its restaurants, specialized in international cuisine.

Sosúa has flats, houses and residences in the area everywhere, as well as magnificent villas in the hills and also apartments for sale on the beach.

A very beautiful place where you can also find the Sosúa beach. It is also a place with history, which stands out for the Jewish Museum that is next to the Synagogue.

Another of the best areas to live retirement in Cabarete, or also work online, lead a sports lifestyle, vacation or relax. It is the jewel in the crown of this place, because the location is unbeatable and there are a multitude of services and leisure activities to enjoy and have a great time.

In addition, Playa Encuentro, just 5 minutes away, is the favorite of local surfers.

It also stands out for the tranquility of the place and the exclusivity of its houses for rent and buy, it is an ideal destination to live and enjoy a retirement in style in high-end villas.

In general, in the Puerto Plata area you will find spacious and beautiful villas to live in style, enjoying the beaches, with a multitude of basic services in the vicinity, a nearby airport and wonderful people with whom to establish good relationships. You will not miss anything.

Have a look here for more info and about all areas in Puerto Plata

At Perla Marina Homes we find you the ideal luxury home 

If you are interested in the Dominican Republic and you like the lifestyle on the island, the luxury homes of Perla Marina Homes like   The Palm Villa  are what you are looking for.

There are several projects for sale ready also under to live in Cabarete, in one of the regions with the best quality of life in the entire Dominican Republic.

Are you interested? Contact us without obligation to receive more information!


property for sale close to sea

Costa cerca de Puerto Plata, en la República Dominicana

Why to buy a house in 2020 in Cabarete near the sea ?

Do you want to buy a house in the Dominican Republic and doubt whether to do it in Cabarete? It is a great choice for many reasons. More and more people from countries like Canada or the United States are deciding to retire in this country. Cabarete is a very special municipality that we want you to know.

Cabarete:  why buy a house here ? 

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is a tourist resort located in the north of the country. One of its main peculiarities is that the bay is protected by a coral reef. It is a small town of only 15,000 inhabitants and has an important atmosphere, thanks to the multitude of entertainment activities offered. 

It stands out for its calm beaches, an interesting wind and a beautiful environment, making it perfect for practicing different water sports. For example, surf, whether you’re a veteran or a beginner.

In Cabarete you will also find all the amenities you are looking for and you can ask from a paradise, such as bars and restaurants near the promenade. 

Ideal for relaxing, having a snack or a delicious meal. In this tourist area also stand out its mountains, lagoons and white sand beaches, ideal for hiking, sightseeing, swimming or sunbathing. Have a look here about Cabarete and other place where to go

So you have everything you can ask of a paradise. It is also on Camino Cinco, just 18 km from Puerto Plata airport, making it ideal in terms of mobility.

This is a unique and highly recommended place to live in retirement, since buying a property in Cabarete is relatively easy if you have an average purchasing level in northern countries such as the United States or Canada. Have a look here how much would cost a brand new 3 bedroom house with pool and tropical garden ?

The leisure and good atmosphere are more than assured by having a little of everything, with its great offer of restaurants, clubs, shops to buy gifts, clothes, etc. In short, a good place to travel and also to live.

Cabarete also stands out for numerous important competitions

Did you know that Cabarete Bay has held some professional kitesurfing competitions such as the “World Cup” and “Master of the Ocean”? 

Another of its curiosities is that just 3 miles west we find Encuentro Beach, one of the most popular surf beaches in the entire Caribbean. 

So it’s a perfect place if you’re passionate about surfing or water sports. A perfect destination to buy a house and take root. What do you think of Cabarete? Do you want to get to know it? You don’t want to move from there. 

If you need more information about this town in the Dominican Republic, or want to know more about buying a home in Cabarete, don’t hesitate to contact Perla Marina Homes.

2020 close to the beach in Cabarete house for sale


Kitesurf and adventure in Cabarete 2021

Cabarete kitesurf and adventure

  • The Capital:
    Did you know that Cabarete is the Caribbean capital of adventure and water sports like kitesurf ? If you like to practice them or just watch them, you will enjoy watching these events take place. It always leaves a lot of atmosphere in the city and that is wonderful.  Is there wind now ? Have a look here about wind preview and even wind knots in real time, Cabarete. Also check out the waves and swell for surfing.
  • Puerto Plata Airport: to move to other points on the map you will need to have the Airport at hand. You can easily get there by car. 
  • Punta Cana: es uno de los lugares más populares de la República Dominicana, así que no dudes en visitarlo alguna vez para disfrutar de sus playas y de su gente.
  • Parque Nacional El Choco: es uno de los los principales puntos de interés de Cabarete. Se conoce como el Monumento Natural Cuevas de Cabarete y Goleta y es una área protegida de categoría 3. Allí habitan especies de aves endémicas y migratorias, así como árboles endémicos, arbustos y plantas medicinales. Todo un paraíso del Caribe.
  • Las Cuevas de Cabarete: las cuevas son otro de los iconos de Cabarete y datan de millones de años. A menudo se realizan excursiones de senderismo desde el pueblo o los guías con expertos. ¿Es seguro ir? Para ir, hay que bajar unos escalones hasta la Cueva de Cristal, que tiene una piscina de agua dulce un tanto profunda. En la superficie hay otras cuevas y túneles con estalactitas y estalagmitas. Si te ves preparado, es uno de los grandes puntos de interés.
  • Playas: playa Cabarete y otras playas de las proximidades son perfectas para tomar el sol, nadar o disfrutar haciendo actividades acuáticas como kitesurf o surf (y/o viendo cómo las disfrutan otras).  Una preciosa playa virgen semi privada es Perla Marina y otra de las mejores para hacer surf es Encuentro Beach.

house close to beach go kitesurfing in 2021 and enjoy wind and waves

Playa en Cabarete, República Dominicana

Live in Cabarete. What is beach life like in this town in the Dominican Republic

You may be thinking of moving to the Dominican Republic. But which place to choose? Today we will tell you what it’s like to live in Cabarete, so that you enjoy it and know if this corner of the country is what you’re looking for.

What is it like to live in Cabarete?

Cabarete is a wonderful tourist site in the Dominican Republic. There are many venues of all kinds, with a varied and high quality food, and also entertainers who hold shows at night.

But it’s not only highly recommended to enjoy a good vacation in an all-inclusive hotel, but also to live. What’s more, many people decide to enjoy their retirement in Cabarete.

On a day-to-day basis, you can easily move by car or even rent it for days, because the standard of living is very cheap for average pensions in countries like the United States, Canada and many in Europe. You can also move by taxi if you wish or walk to the sites, because if you have your home in Cabarete well located you can easily reach many places of interest.

The environment is one of the great advantages of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, because it has a great atmosphere. Drinking places where you can listen to good music, dance, have a drink, etc. Ideal to enjoy with family, friends or alone, because there are always people.

Security is also one of its strengths, because there is police security on the streets. You can always go out with complete peace of mind knowing that there is someone who will watch over you.

And the day to day? It’s a safe city? Of course. Cabarete is a safe city to live and walk during the day or night. It’s small but very beautiful, with beautiful beaches and with the possibility of doing many activities.

Perhaps a priori you will be surprised by the number of foreigners there, because it’s a tourist city and there are people who go there to retire. Taking into account the price of the standard of living and that there are all the comforts and possibilities with which one dreams, it becomes an ideal destination.

If you like to practice activities like surfing, there are many schools. You can do all kinds of water activities to enjoy the sea, sunbathe, etc. Ideal to keep fit over the years and have a great time.

Endless possibilities thanks to its wide range of leisure, variety of shops, restaurants, etc. So you can enjoy your residence in Cabarete like never before.

What do you think about it? Are you going to enjoy it?

sello de visado dominicano

Legal requirements to spend retirement in the Dominican Republic

Did you know that many North Americans go to the Dominican Republic to enjoy their retirement? We’re facing a part of the second largest island in the entire Caribbean and allows you to enjoy some beaches, a climate and an authentic paradise. For all this, it’s a very popular destination.

Considering your cost of living, who wouldn’t want to spend their retirement in the Dominican Republic?

It’s an incredible country for its beaches, its people, its great offer of leisure and, of course, the little that things cost us in proportion; especially for retirees, who can do much more with their pension.

But, what are the legal requirements to enjoy retirement in the Dominican Republic?

Retirement in the Dominican Republic: legal requirements

First, we must distinguish between what is considered in this country as a resident and non-resident foreigner:

  • Non-residents are those people who are going to stay in the country for a short time (days or months) for vacation or business, as an example.
  • In the case of residents in the Dominican Republic are those who have applied for a residence permit. In other words, those who have asked the Dominican State to allow them to live in the country.

Within the residence permit, the Dominican Constitution contemplates two subjects, the provisional resident and the permanent resident. The difference between the two is the time lived in the country. To be a permanent resident you must give credit that you have spent more than 5 years as a provisional resident.

Although it may be interesting for you to live with your pension in this country, you must pay attention to the legal requirements that you must fulfill so that everything is in order.

To enjoy your retirement in the Dominican Republic, you must have a visa with a validity of use of 60 days, valid for a single entry.

Once inside the country, the beneficiary must go to the General Directorate of Immigration to formalize the procedures and take out their temporary residence, with the requirements it demands.

The first requirement is to have a visa or retirement visa in the Dominican Republic. What else is required?

Dominican Republic residency requirements step by step

Receive the Dominican visa

To receive a visa in the Dominican Republic, you will need the following:

  • A form  that expressly requests the request.
  • A consent request with additional information.
  • Two copies of the birth certificate.
  • Document that proves the absence of a criminal record.
  • Valid passport with two photocopies of it.
  • Certificate from the Dominican Migration Department indicating when the first entry into the country was made.
  • If you’re married, you must provide a copy with a notarized deed and in Spanish of said item.
  • A letter of request to the Consulate indicating name, nationality, place of residence and occupation (retired, in this case), as well as the reason for staying in the country.

All this process, in addition, will require the payment of $ 125 USD for the procedures.

Apply for residence permit

After all these steps, it’s time to go to the General Directorate of Migration. There, they will request the following:

  • A completed Temporary Residency form, signed by the applicant.
  • Valid passport and two photocopies of it.
  • Residence visa certificate, stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Medical certificate authorized by the health authorities of your country.
  • A document proving that the issuing State will be responsible for medical expenses and repatriation, if necessary.
  • 4 passport-size photos of your portrait, with a white background.

So to boat soon, they’re all the requirements that you must meet to enjoy retirement in the Dominican Republic with all the guarantees and residence permit. It may seem complex; however, they’re a series of simple procedures. In addition, today there are many agencies that are responsible for carrying out all these efforts for you.

The documentation they require is easy to get. We recommend that you have both the originals and the copies, as they will want to see both. In addition, you must show them in Spanish so that there is no problem.

It’s simply a mere procedure that you will have to follow to finish establishing retirement in the Dominican Republic.

Did you know that many North Americans go to the Dominican Republic to enjoy their retirement? We’re facing a part of the second largest island in the entire Caribbean and allows you to enjoy some beaches, a climate and an authentic paradise. For all this, it’s a very popular destination.

Playa en la República Dominicana

Retirement in the Dominican Republic. Why is it one of the most chosen countries by Americans?

Did you know that many North Americans go to the Dominican Republic to enjoy their retirement? We’re facing a part of the second largest island in the entire Caribbean and allows you to enjoy some beaches, a climate and an authentic paradise. Due to this, it’s a very popular destination.

Retire in the Dominican Republic?

In Spain, the Dominican Republic is a popular destination for the bride and groom to celebrate their honeymoon. However, it’s also one of the most popular countries for Americans to live in retirement.

What is special about this corner? Why is it so attractive to retire here?

  • The beaches: one of the great advantages of this place, goes through its beaches. They’re beautiful, large, spectacular and there are all kinds. The tropical water is wonderful but the fine and warm sand.
  • Good food: did you know that there are chefs from all over the world? You will find good Italian, Spanish, Argentine, German restaurants … A little bit of everything thinking about the different travelers, so they can enjoy the best food.
  • Hiking: it may not occur to you to go to the Dominican Republic for hiking, however, you should know that it covers roads and trails that do not go unnoticed, some even lead to caves and waterfalls.
  • Water sports: Another reason why retirees from countries like the US or Canada choose this destination is for its water sports. It’s never too late to learn to surf or snorkel.
  • ● Dancing merengue: this sensual dance is one of the typical ones of this place. You have to learn to dance it!
  • Learn new languages: if you love learning new things, the Dominican Republic is a perfect corner of the world to immerse yourself, enjoy, live life and, of course, learn to speak Spanish.
  • Starting a business: you may not want to enjoy your retirement at the same time that you start a business, but the truth is that it allows many possibilities if you want to make money.

These are some of the great advantages that retirees from countries like the USA or Canada find to retire here, but they’re not the only ones. Another incentive is that the cost of living is lower than in North America and Europe.

Americans can do much more with their pension in the Dominican Republic than in their own country. For this reason, more and more they choose it as a destination to live a dream retreat.