Costa cerca de Puerto Plata, en la República Dominicana

Why to buy a house in Dominican Republic ?

Would you like to enjoy your retirement in the Dominican Republic? It is no coincidence that more and more people choose this destination, because you can lead a life of authentic luxury at a very affordable price. Let’s see why you should buy a luxury home in the Dominican Republic:

Luxury villa in Dominican Republic: why this country ?

When it comes to choosing where to live or have a holiday home, the Dominican Republic is a sure choice. It is an affordable, fun place with good weather and activities to do 365 days a year.

One of the great reasons to acquire a luxury property in this country is for the cost of living. As you know, it is much lower than in other countries further north, so much more can be done with less.

In the Dominican Republic you can buy a luxury villa, both for living and as an investment, so it would cost you a normal house in other places like the United States or Canada.

So it offers a lot of possibilities for those who want to enjoy their retirement, a good holiday or decide to live there to work from home. When it comes to quality, it’s got everything.

The quality of life is excellent because you can immerse yourself in its beaches, practice aquatic activities, enjoy many services and leisure, etc.

It has a bit of everything and the atmosphere is very good, with people from all countries, to connect and make friends. What about security? Actually, the security is reasonably good.

In other words, the Dominican Republic is not much more dangerous than any European tourist area. Which is not a problem at all or high that I should throw you back, because the luxury villas of Perla Marina Homes have private security within the urbanization in which they are located. You’ll be completely protected.

For tourists and citizens to feel protected, there are tourist police (politur) and also, in certain areas, private security services can be contracted.

Therefore, you will always be in the best hands, whether you are in your home in the Dominican Republic or on the street.

Quality, price, safety… can you ask for anything else? It is no coincidence that it is one of the most chosen destinations for retirement or buying a house as a second home, because it has everything. A paradise to enjoy and have a great time.  

Dominican Republic house for sale 2021 close to beach

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