Casa de lujo en la playa en la República Dominicana

Luxury villa for sale in the Dominican Republic

Would you like to live in the Dominican Republic ?

In that case, we want to tell you where you can find luxury villas for sale in the Dominican Republic, a question that more and more people are asking themselves looking to enjoy their retirement in this wonderful country.

Luxury villas in the Dominican Republic 

If you are looking for luxury areas to live in the Dominican Republic in style and without missing anything, we want to tell you about some of those corners that make it possible.

One of them is the town of Sosúa. It is located on the North Coast of the country and has a lot of cultural diversity, since people from many countries reside: USA, Germany, France, Holland, Russia, Canada, etc. For this reason, it also stands out for its restaurants, specialized in international cuisine.

Sosúa has flats, houses and residences in the area everywhere, as well as magnificent villas in the hills and also apartments for sale on the beach.

A very beautiful place where you can also find the Sosúa beach. It is also a place with history, which stands out for the Jewish Museum that is next to the Synagogue.

Another of the best areas to live retirement in Cabarete, or also work online, lead a sports lifestyle, vacation or relax. It is the jewel in the crown of this place, because the location is unbeatable and there are a multitude of services and leisure activities to enjoy and have a great time.

In addition, Playa Encuentro, just 5 minutes away, is the favorite of local surfers.

It also stands out for the tranquility of the place and the exclusivity of its houses for rent and buy, it is an ideal destination to live and enjoy a retirement in style in high-end villas.

In general, in the Puerto Plata area you will find spacious and beautiful villas to live in style, enjoying the beaches, with a multitude of basic services in the vicinity, a nearby airport and wonderful people with whom to establish good relationships. You will not miss anything.

Have a look here for more info and about all areas in Puerto Plata

At Perla Marina Homes we find you the ideal luxury home 

If you are interested in the Dominican Republic and you like the lifestyle on the island, the luxury homes of Perla Marina Homes like   The Palm Villa  are what you are looking for.

There are several projects for sale ready also under to live in Cabarete, in one of the regions with the best quality of life in the entire Dominican Republic.

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