Playa en la República Dominicana

Retirement in the Dominican Republic. Why is it one of the most chosen countries by Americans?

Did you know that many North Americans go to the Dominican Republic to enjoy their retirement? We’re facing a part of the second largest island in the entire Caribbean and allows you to enjoy some beaches, a climate and an authentic paradise. Due to this, it’s a very popular destination.

Retire in the Dominican Republic?

In Spain, the Dominican Republic is a popular destination for the bride and groom to celebrate their honeymoon. However, it’s also one of the most popular countries for Americans to live in retirement.

What is special about this corner? Why is it so attractive to retire here?

  • The beaches: one of the great advantages of this place, goes through its beaches. They’re beautiful, large, spectacular and there are all kinds. The tropical water is wonderful but the fine and warm sand.
  • Good food: did you know that there are chefs from all over the world? You will find good Italian, Spanish, Argentine, German restaurants … A little bit of everything thinking about the different travelers, so they can enjoy the best food.
  • Hiking: it may not occur to you to go to the Dominican Republic for hiking, however, you should know that it covers roads and trails that do not go unnoticed, some even lead to caves and waterfalls.
  • Water sports: Another reason why retirees from countries like the US or Canada choose this destination is for its water sports. It’s never too late to learn to surf or snorkel.
  • ● Dancing merengue: this sensual dance is one of the typical ones of this place. You have to learn to dance it!
  • Learn new languages: if you love learning new things, the Dominican Republic is a perfect corner of the world to immerse yourself, enjoy, live life and, of course, learn to speak Spanish.
  • Starting a business: you may not want to enjoy your retirement at the same time that you start a business, but the truth is that it allows many possibilities if you want to make money.

These are some of the great advantages that retirees from countries like the USA or Canada find to retire here, but they’re not the only ones. Another incentive is that the cost of living is lower than in North America and Europe.

Americans can do much more with their pension in the Dominican Republic than in their own country. For this reason, more and more they choose it as a destination to live a dream retreat.

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